Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brain Dump

I realize I could probably spread a lot of this nonsense out over a couple of posts, but let's get real here, I don't post often enough and I would forget about it.

Several things of note:

1. The company I work for has been sold and I will be employed by a new company. There are still a lot of unknowns, but my understanding is that we will all still have our jobs, but we will get the added bonus of actually having benefits! Insurance! Retirement! Sick days! I'm excited to see how things turn out, but man is it stressful right now. Things should all be transferred over within the next couple of weeks, and we were only told a couple of weeks ago, so it's all happening very fast. The good news in this is that if they DO decide they need to cut people, I have an advantage because I'm young and I'm cheap. There's not a lot I can do at this point, so I'm just going about my daily work as usual and taking the changes all in stride. But that doesn't mean I'm not STRESSING out a little.

2. Steve and I bought a car yesterday! It was pretty exciting for us because it was the first time for each of us to buy a car and not have help from or a parent there guiding us in the process. His car was 10 years old and mine is 6 years old (mine is a Honda Accord, his was a Cadillac Seville) so we used his car as a down payment.  We just started out going to test drive a GMC Terrain and a Lincoln MKX because we didn't know which one would have the most room. We actually both loved the Terrain much more than the Lincoln. My requirements were seat heaters (which required leather seats), at least satellite radio ready, and it needed to have enough room for a baby, baby's shit the dog, the dog's shit. The car we test drove had all of that, plus back-up cameras, bluetooth hands-free calling, sunroof, etc. AND, those crazy people approved us and let us drive it home! We were both actually kinda surprised at how good our credit scores were (we hadn't checked yet this year) and they gave Steve what he wanted for his trade-in, which made it kind of a no-brainer.

It looks big, but it is actually shorter than my Accord. Weird.
So this was our first big together purchase. It feels pretty good. We just have to figure out who gets to drive it. I guess if I leave for work first I get to steal it and drive it and leave him the Accord.

3. My wedding planning has stalled. I have bought the wedding dress, picked out bridesmaids' dresses, booked the venue thing, booked officiant, booked honeymoon tickets and hotel (condo), and set up registries. I still have to do stuff about flowers, invitations, cake, menswear, children's clothing, favors, and other assorted little shit. I figure I pretty much got the main stuff out of the way and the other stuff doesn't need as much time. Plus I think we just needed a break from wedding stuff every day we had off. We ARE going to Austin on Thursday this week to get our engagement pictures taken. I need help figuring out what to wear. Times like these make me wish my sister lived closer. I think we will just do two outfits. For one, I am thinking my new skinny jeans (!!), boots, and a sweater, and then for the other outfit, maybe a maxi skirt and sandals? or a maxi dress? what do you think? Do you think I can do a more casual outfit with more casual jeans and sandals instead of a dress/skirt? I need to pick out what I'm going to wear so I can get Steve coordinated. We will be bringing Penny and she will be in a couple of the pictures, so she got a new collar, of course.

4. I am signed up to do the Crappy Day Present Exchange! I'm very excited about it and who I have been assigned. I have already started accumulating stuff! I need to do a little "about me" question/answer thing for that person, so I am gonna do it right here. Sorry for everyone else who was not assigned to me. You can skip this part.

  • What is your favorite color? I like green.
  • What is your favorite season? Fall, which we don't really have in Houston, but I like it when it's cool enough to wear sweaters and jackets.
  • What is your favorite treat? I will eat almost anything chocolate, but I only like milk chocolate, not dark or white. I like chocolate/peanut butter things, chocolate/caramel things.
  • What is your favorite scent? Eucalyptus and spearmint
  • What is your favorite ice cream coping mechanism? If I'm feeling particularly bad, I like to get into bed with my heating pad (whatever, it makes me feel cozy) and read a book or a magazine, or I'll get a massage or a pedicure.
  • What do you like to do in your free time moments? See above question. I like to cook and bake, shop (I need to stop that), take my dog to the dog park, and lay in the hammock (when it's not 100 degrees).
  • What do you not enjoy doing, and why, but have to do anyway? I don't like cleaning bathrooms, but if I don't do it, Steve will do it and it won't be done right or well. I don't like putting clothes away. I will do all of the laundry, but I won't put clothes away. I usually make Steve do it, but then he puts my clothes in the wrong drawer and it frustrates me. 
  • If someone gave you money with the instruction that you had to spend it on something frivolous for yourself, what would you buy? Maybe a facial (I've never had one) or new pajamas
  • Do you have any decorating themes in your home/office? Cocks and Clocks. HEHE.  No, really. My grandmother gave me a small collection from her LARGE collection of chickens before she died. So I have chickens in my kitchen spilling over into my dining room (paintings, pitcher, small ceramic one on my windowsill, nothing crazy) and in my living room and other areas of the house, I have a multitude of clocks of all sizes. Steve has embraced my collections. I think I have around 10 clocks in the entryway/living room area. I love them.
  • Is there something that you REALLY, REALLY like?  (Burt's Bees, horses, cats, fairies, unicorns, birds, patriotic stuff, babies, chocolate, Diet Coke, etc....) hmmmm. I really don't know. I can't think of something (except for the chickens and the clocks above) that I REALLY like. I like to eat (bread is my favorite), I like to watch tv, sports (football and basketball.)
  • What is the VERY! BEST! present you have ever received and why was it the best?  (The purpose of this question is to give people another idea of the sorts of things that make you happy.)Oh maaaan these questions are hard! Last Christmas was the year of keeping Megan warm. I got awesome warm pajamas (that I happen to be wearing right this minute), long underwear (I live in Texas, I am just always cold), and this seat cushion for my car that plugs into the charger outlet that makes it into a seat heater, AND an electric blanket. This was all from like 3 different people. Everyone must have gotten together and said "ok Megan is always cold, let's fix that!"


  1. Second comment to say that my first was probably the lamest comment EVER. Sorry about that.

    How about: I'm very excited to meet you in just a number of weeks?

  2. I hope the transition to the new ownership goes smoothly (and yay insurance! Also, yay, new cars!)

    This is my fourth CDP exchange and I’ve gotten to the point where I read someone’s survey and instantly have a list of the presents I’m getting them in my head. So I have hypotheticals ALL READY if I ever need to get you a present.

  3. I am just getting around to reading blogs again after all of this life drama. I miss you!!! I can't believe how much progress you've made on the wedding front already, that is amazing! I don't know if I should ask to see pictures of stuff or just wait and be surprised. I am leaning towards wanting to see it all because it is just so exciting and I want to live vicariously through you. Wedding planning post, please!

    Congrats on the new car, and I have my fingers crossed for you regarding the job. It sounds like it could even be a good change for you...keep us posted. xoxo