Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hey Stranger!

Oh hello. It's been a while, no? I actually have a bit of a free evening. I am prone, in bed, and enjoying food Steve has served me in bed (chicken, pasta, and broccoli followed by a dessert course of a mini cup of chocolate ice cream and two Thin Mints.) I am warning you now, this should probably be broken down into multiple posts, but we all know how good at updating I am!

Work has been INSANE lately. Not only do I have newer responsibilities, I am still doing the work I always did in the past, and on top of that we are BUSY. What the hell, people? Stop dying for a bit and let me get a breather. I am now responsible for paying the funeral home bills as well as writing all of the checks for services (ministers, musicians, newspapers for obits) and I always have a bit of a panic when we get really busy. I am scared I'm going to get so caught up in my other, funeral-related work that I will forget to pay bills and we will get the power turned off and the gas cut. I will have a MOUND of paperwork on my desk that I am trying to weed through and my manager says "oh here Megan, more bills!" and HAHA OH MY GOD STOP. It's not cool. So! You know, a really long way to say I'm busy as shit at work.

Hey, did you hear? I'M GETTING MARRIED IN 54 DAYS. Holy crap. We have so! much! already done, but man, it still feels like we are behind on some stuff. Invitations have been sent out, we are getting responses in the mail daily. One shower is under my belt, with a party Steve's bosses are throwing us coming up on the 13th. They have been so nice to him and to us.

I have so much to talk about (still) so we're going to list form:
  • We still haven't met with the preacher who is marrying us. We have to meet with him 3 times and our schedules are just giving us a bunch of difficulties. Hopefully we can get together with him for the first time this week. Apparently there is a questionnaire we have to fill out. Steve is already looking for ways to cheat. 
  • I have my third dress fitting this week! I had to get it taken in quite a bit, then hemmed, and this one will be to check the hem and then do the bustle. Here, want to see me in it? Shhh! Don't tell Steve.
    I have a weird non smile on my face because I was trying not to move my head. My hair was being held in a half up do with one measly bobby pin and was threatening to fall down. I do have them making a lace jacket thingy just in case I want to wear it to give myself a little arm coverage. I am having a hard time accepting the loose skin/wobbly upper arms. I mean, sure, I'm glad I lost 185 pounds, but I wish that came with firm upper arms. 
  • I had a shower on the 23rd of March and it was lovely. If we are Facebook friends, you might have seen some of these pictures. Let me share!

My twin sister, Bevin, my mom, and me.

So in the above photo, let's just ignore my mother's weird eye. She had a facelift in February and is recovering.

I think we are starting to look more like twins as we get older.

I got some good stuff.

And more stuff..
and OMG where am I going to put all of this stuff??

Things that are done for the wedding: booze (!!), food, cake, chocolate fountain, photographer, photo booth, favors, sparklers for getaway, bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, bridesmaid dresses/shoes/jewelry, tuxes picked out, rehearsal dinner location booked, rehearsal dinner dress purchased, honeymoon tickets purchased/hotel booked/rental car booked, flowers, hair/makeup appointments booked, wedding rings purchased

Things that are NOT done for the wedding: parents gifts, rehearsal dinner menu, ceremony harp music selected (the harpist is booked, though!), meeting with minster, hotel for wedding night, getaway car, ceremony program, first dance song picked

This is kind of what the cake is going to look like. Simple, white, every other tier quilted and then the scroll work, but our scroll work will be closer together and a little more detailed.

We are probably going to throw on a couple of orange flowers.
We got simple bands for our rings right now. Steve got a Tungsten one because he is certain he is going to lose at least one band. He is not used to wearing a ring, so he needs one to break him in. I am having a hard time finding a wedding band that goes with my engagement ring. I am going to have to get something custom made when I have enough time to find someone to do it AND when we have the money to drop on that. Plus it'll be nice to have one I can wear to the beach or pool and not worry about losing any diamonds.

So, really, it's not THAT much left, huh? I feel good about it. I feel like I can handle it...with the help of my mom.

Some other things I have been doing:
  • Making the three hour round trip drive to see my nephew play baseball. He's so good! I also got a new camera from Steve's sisters and I have been practicing with him. 

That was a homerun! (Steve says not really because there was an error, but Logan made it all the way home, that's what counts!)

He is so TALL and skinny.
Also, the new camera? The first 20 photos on the memory card look like this..

Dinner of champions..Happy Meal, Girl Scout cookies, Diet DP
I need to be on the alert at all times thanks to the stupid huge lens they got us. Steve is going to capture my nose hair if I'm not careful.

  • Trying to spend as much quality time with Steve as I can. We went to the Houston Rockets game not too long ago with my family. We went to seven games last year and only one this year. Our lives have gotten too busy to be good fans.

Logan is not being a good fan. My dad (on Steve's right) looks really bored.

  • Steve's mom has been cleaning out a lot of his junk as they try to streamline their lives and home.When she does that, I get gems like these:
I get my very own Steve button!
  • Hey! I won my family's NCAA March Madness bracket pool. Steve won second! So not only does my dad get to help pay for an expensive wedding, he owes me $200 and Steve $100. I mean, he can't just NOT pay. That wouldn't be cool, DAD. So I'm waiting on that check. It's always nice to get some random cash when you least expect it! We did our brackets with 20 minutes left after my dad sent me a text saying "You and Steve haven't submitted your brackets. You have until 11." AHH panic and pick at random, and imagine that! We won!
Well that about wraps it up. In a nutshell: busy at work, wedding planning coming along nicely, I still love Steve. 


  1. Your dress is gorgeous! Getting very close to the big day. Sounds like you are moving right along. Enjoy it!

  2. What a gorgeous dress for a gorgeous bride! So happy for you!

  3. I'm making you fill out my brackets next year.

    (And I still LOVE that dress. So gorgeous!)

  4. You look SO BEAUTIFUL in your dress! Oh my goodness, Megan.

    I loved reading what you've been up to. Thanks for humoring me. :)