Thursday, July 18, 2013


So, marriage. It's a trip huh? I have been married for almost two months. Man, it's great. Steve and I were together 5 1/2 years before we got married, and we always felt like a team. But now it's different. It's a comforting feeling to know that he's now in my corner for the rest of my life (that's the plan anyway) and it's now us against the world. It's just a different, more permanent feeling, and it's nice. I feel like a part of a special team. I don't know, weird, but in a good way.

The wedding was delightful, beautiful, just the best. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch and everyone was raving about how beautiful everything was, the food was great, it was a lot of fun, etc. My step-mom was in fine form as well. Apparently, when my mom and one of my bridesmaids was getting dressed, my step-mom was having her daughter (16 year old stepsister) taking photos of her in her RED dress. Now, yes, dress code rules have changed for weddings and black isn't a big deal, nor are things like red, whatever. Whenever I would ask her what her dress looked like, what color, she would tell me it was "coral." Hm, ok well that's fine. It was BRIGHT RED, with a slit practically up to her hip. It upset my mom just because it was disrespectful and she was acting that way. Also, she got so drunk she fell on the dance floor twice and had to be helped up by my cousin. I, luckily, didn't see any of this happening, so I didn't know until later. It has been too long to say something, and what would I say anyway? My coworkers and Steve's coworkers were talking ALL about her later on though. "Did you see the drunk lady in the red dress?? Who was that??" So that's good. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of her, because I know you all want to see. I won't have all of the photos back for a couple more weeks. The photographer edits and does stuff to almost every picture, and I know they took a ton. That was really the only drama that I know of. My dad was mad that the bartender wouldn't serve my 22 year old brother, but he didn't have an ID with him, so tough shit. Should have brought his license.

PICTURES! That's what you all want to see, isn't it? Here are a few that I've stolen from people.
We're married!
Me and stepsister
Steve's groomsmen
Blurry first dance
Me and my flower girl, Alex
He was DONE with the pictures.

After we departed in a tunnel of sparklers, we took off for a hotel in Houston and sat in our robes eating cold green beans, potatoes and ham that the venue sent with us. It was glorious. We were STARVING. We got to sleep in and then headed back to Katy so we could pick up the dog and take her to my friend's house, where she was going to keep her the week we were on our honeymoon. We also had to go to my dad's house because he was hosting a graduation party for my little brother who just graduated from Texas Tech University. That was low key and relaxing, and we left as soon as it was socially acceptable.

The honeymoon was pretty low key. Basically, lots of eating (food was meh in Hawaii), sleeping, and Steve puking on the boats. Good times all around! Here are some fun photos..

At the luau

The best food we had and it came from a hut on Waikiki Beach
We went snorkeling down there, Hanauma Bay
Speaking of snorkeling.. (underwater cameras messed up, hence the lines)
Oh, we also went snorkeling with snarks. NO BIG.
Lookit my handsome husband.
He was really excited about the snorkeling.
Yeah alright it was beautiful too. 


  1. What a beautiful bride! So lovely!

  2. You looked SO BEAUTIFUL!

    And sign me up for Steak Shack eating.